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All About Nutrient Depletions

Nutritional deficiencies are a major factor to the health and disease states in our society, posing a major challenge to natural anti aging longevity health.There are four main contributors to nutritional deficiencies; Diet, Lifestyle, Age and Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs.

Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion could be one of the most overlooked and ignored realities that can be slowly crippling your health. If you want to buy longevity medicine then you can pop over to this website.

Aside from extreme deficiencies and malnutrition leading to disease states such as beriberi, visible goiters, scurvy and others; many nutritional deficiencies go unnoticed leading to everything from problems with your heart, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, difficulty losing weight, PMS, depression, and more.

When the body is depleted of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, it weakens, making it susceptible to a whole host of diseases, malfunctions and overall loss of wellbeing and anti aging longevity health.

Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., medical director of the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, Washington, said in the forward to the ground breaking book, The Nutritional Cost of Drug's, "the typical prescription and over-the-counter drug user might find useful to avoid hazardous drug-nutrient interactions and take nutritional measures to correct drug-induced nutritional deficiencies.

The authors of The Nutritional Cost of Drug's, go on to say, "Many of the side effects from drugs actually may be attributable to nutrient depletion caused by the drugs when taken over time.

Now that this information has been brought to light, health professionals have a professional responsibility to become knowledgeable about drug-induced nutrient depletion so they can counsel patients and customers accordingly."