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Tips To Help You Choose The Best Tent For Your Camping Trip

Most people are familiar with domed camping army tents. These were large tent tents shaped like a large "dome" or "hill." Dome tents usually leave ample headroom in the center, but limited floor space.

The dome design provides a lightweight army tent with good wind and weather resistance, but most people who use this type of tent plan to only sleep in it and not spend much time in it.

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Dome tents are lighter because they use fewer poles – sometimes just one or two – and are fairly easy to install, often requiring only one person.

There are special tents for tough weather, such as tunnel tents, which are shaped like rolls of tires. This large camping tent design is ideal for camping where you expect strong – even strong – wind or snow conditions.

Those who plan to travel to the mountains. Everest would be highly recommended to consider this type of accommodation. If you're planning on camping with your family and want more headroom than a dome tent, then you should take a closer look at cabin tents.

These tents are heavier than dome tents but offer more space for large groups. The cabin tent looks like a cabin with almost perpendicular walls. There's room for some cots or air mattresses, and many cabin tents also have padded areas for picnic tables or storage space.