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Select A Tennis Racquet For Beginners

Planning missile requirements depend on skill level

Below is a general information showing the tennis racket requirements for different types of players.

This of course depends on your skills and there are exceptions. For example, if you do a lot of other sports that require hand-eye coordination, you may not need as much strength assistance and you can use a smaller racket with less space.

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Handle dimensions

For grip size, look at the many rockets that come with different options from 4 to 4 comings. At the bottom of the rocket, you can find the size of the handle. Sometimes there are numbers that represent sizes between 1 and 5, not some (see image at right).

Most participants should use the 4 – look for the 4 or 3 at the bottom of the handle. If you have smaller hands you can start with 4¼ (2) and if you have bigger hands, continue with 4 ½ (4).

I have a size 4 grip on one of my missiles and 3 on the other. I used the extra grip on the smaller rocket to make the same sense, and it worked fine.

If you are unsure, choose the smaller option. If it's too small, you can add attacks to make a difference. However, if you order it too big, there isn't much you can do.