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Biggar Luxury: The Jewelry Brand You Will Love


Biggar is a name that is synonymous to luxury jewelry. With a strong focus on quality and service, the company has been making beautiful pieces for over 100 years.

What is Biggar Luxury?

Biggar Luxury is a jewelry brand that focuses on unique and high-quality pieces. The collection features jewelry made from sterling silver, gold, and diamonds. The pieces are designed to be elegant and timeless. Biggar Luxury  can help you make any event special with its timeless pieces.

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Biggar Luxury is known for its intricate designs and beautiful colors. The brand’s pieces are often inspired by natural elements, such as waterfalls or the aurora borealis. 

The collection is available in store and online. The brand also offers a range of gift options, including pendants, earrings, and charms.

Who are the founders?

The founders of Biggar Luxury are husband and wife team, Brent and Stephanie Biggar. Brent is an experienced jeweler and Stephanie has a background in fashion design. They both have a deep love for jewelry and combined their skills to create their own line of luxury jewelry.

What can you expect from the Biggar Luxury line?

The Biggar Luxury line offers high quality pieces at affordable prices. You can expect rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that are unique and stylish.The Biggar Luxury line is perfect for anyone who wants high quality jewelry at an affordable price.


With pieces like the "Dyed in the Dark" earrings and the "Passion" necklace, Biggar Luxury has something for everyone who loves jewelry.