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An Overview Of The NASB Bible Translation

The NASB Bible Translation is a literal  translation into the original language of the Bible, which was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.

Since its publication in 1971, it has built a reputation as the original text. This may not seem important to modern readers, but the Bible has a long history of mistranslation. You can learn more about the Bible online via

For centuries the Vulgate Latin Catholic Church was the only other translation provided that the church used for liturgical and doctrinal rules. Despite the fact that scholars and clergy only learned to read the Latin Vulgate, it also contains very accurate translations of the original texts of the Bible.

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In the centuries that followed, significant efforts were made to translate the Bible accurately and into everyday modern languages. The most popular is the James Version King, published by the Church of England in 1611.

This also applies to modern England in the 17th century. The NASB Bible translation goes beyond the tradition of accuracy and modern English usage.

The NASB Bible Translation evolved from the American Standard Version (ASV) published in 1901. And the ASV Bible is the American version of the 1885 revised English version in English. But there were not many new modern translations of the Bible into English between 1611 and 1885.

The NASB is still the most literal version of the English Bible that is commonly used in churches today. It is commonly used in many Christian universities and seminaries for in-depth study, due to its strict adherence to the original languages.