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Types Of Horror Movies

Movies are an interesting part of our lives. People who are searching for some excitement, dread, and adrenaline, there are many scary movies and series. In the horror genre, you'll discover a lot of distinct sub-genres, each offering the audience a different and special set of chills and thrills.

One type of horror film that is very popular and abundant is that the"slasher" films. Essentially, slasher movies involve a group of innocent sufferers being terrorized by a stalker or killer of some type.

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Several movies have contributed to this sub-genre. Some of the more famous ones include the Scream series and Halloween series. 

The ghost has been a fascinating and frightening part of humankind for centuries. As one of the scariest movies in history is "The Shining," which is a highly recommended movie. Other popular types include "Poltergeist" and "The Sixth Sense".

Zombie films are one of the most well-known types of movies available today. You will find many unique styles and ideas regarding zombie movies.

They have a rich tradition of thrills which are usually mingled with social and political opinions. A zombie, or the re-animated corpse of a once-living individual, feeds upon the flesh of the living.

An increasingly-popular sub-genre of horror is called "possession films." A possession movie essentially follows the plight of a person who has become possessed by some kind of brute force.