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ATV Racing Brands – The good and the bad

If you're off to buy an ATV for racing, let me tell you that it is not an easy task. Unless if you are sure of the version you are going to purchase by all means proceed. This review isn't for you.

In order to be competitive in ATV racing, you must understand what you would like. Different ATV offers different items, and all can enable you to dominate. So it's crucial to learn what you can on your system before heading for the tracks.

Then, let's get started with some of the ATV racing on the market.

Yamaha Raptor

Price: $4704.63 (price may vary)

The Good: Nothing compares the Yamaha Raptor in ATV racing. With its power delivery featuring a liquid-cooled five-valve DOHC, this 2WD racer can tear up lanes and trails yet handles like a Porsche. Like its predecessor, the Banshee, this baby may also climb up vines fairly readily.

The Bad: Since this ATV is small, riders will have some difficulty in seating. Also, the Yamaha Raptor may overwhelm beginners by its speed.

My Say: Optimum for racing. Lightweight + awesome rate = winner.

Honda TRX400EX

Price: $4445 (price may vary)

The Good: It sounds Honda could not stop making heavy-duty machines that are excellent. The Honda TRX400EX is no exception. This air-cooled cylinder engine is a powerhouse. It can climb up anything, has the power of a cart-horse and enough, also, to blush any ATV machines. Try this all update it to your liking, and you'll know what I'm raving about

The Bad: The only thing this system needs is a cooling system. Did I say this is upgradeable?

My Say: Can be used for utility or trail, but also performs well on racing. It is a vehicle.

Kawasaki Prairie 700 4×4

Cost: $7000 (price may vary)

The Good: The liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine with V-twin SOHC and four-valve cylinder provides enough electricity for racing against sand, snow, or sand when keeping up with quads. The ability to switch in and out of 2×4 or 4×4 gives it excellent handling.

The Bad: The tires need replacements, which makes an aftermarket is committed by you.

Yamaha Banshee

Price: 6399.75

The Good: No one could ever forget the Banshee in 1987, and it had retained its popularity. With its power delivery, the liquid-cooled twin valve is capable of ripping sand dunes and race tracks ahead of the competition. With some aftermarket mods, this ATV racing baby can become invincible.

The Bad: The Banshee uses. It also breaks frequently.

My Say: 2-stroke engine is fast but needs a LOT of maintenance if you would like to remain competitive. Performs best on straight lanes and sand dunes.

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