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Potential Health Effects Associated with Kidney Failure

Kidneys are the two most important anatomical structures within the human body due to their role in removing excess water and waste that accumulate as a normal by-product of the metabolic activity.

A pair of healthy kidneys do an effective job of filtering out molecules from the bloodstream that are no longer useful to the body while preventing the escape of particles that the body can still use. You can also hire truvada kidney solicitors online.

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He completed this feat through the use of special membranes that are placed strategically next to the blood vessels that carry blood through the kidneys. This membrane contains tiny holes that are just large enough to allow water and waste particles to cross into collection tubes, but small enough to block larger molecules such as proteins and more importantly from exiting the bloodstream.

When a blood vessel or membrane filtration in the kidney is damaged, the body is no longer able to selectively emit particles that can cause the loss of large amounts.

This leads to an unhealthy accumulation of water and waste that eventually leads to swelling of the hands and feet, a metallic taste in the mouth, abnormally high or low urine output, muscle cramps, fatigue, mental changes, dry skin, and more.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of these types of symptoms has increased in the United States over the last few years as the number of new cases of kidney failure that has resulted from chronic dieting and exercise-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.