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Natural Health and Beauty – Using Essential Oils for Healing Your Skin

Health and beauty trends increasingly rely on the efficacy of natural and organic ingredients. Skincare is no exception, and more and more women are realizing that the purity of what they put on their skin is just as important as what they eat. The skin is the largest organ and is generally permeable to the substances that are placed on it.

This is particularly important in wound healing, as the skin may be broken and more sensitive. Enter the essential oils; These powerful plant-derived medications have been used for many years to treat skin conditions, enhance beauty, and promote well-being.

There are some primary essential oils used in skincare that offer their regenerative properties; These oils can be used in low concentrations and are generally well-tolerated, certainly more so than many synthetic ingredients. The most important of these may be Helichrysum italicum, also known as eternal oil. If you want buy organic hazelnut oil visit

This wonderful oil is distilled from the daisy-like flowers of the herb. It has a lovely earthy aroma and despite its apparent cost, it works in very low concentrations (just a few drops per tablespoon of the total blend). Helichrysum is strongly anti-inflammatory and contains powerful regenerative molecules unique to this oil.

As mentioned above, lavender is often included in skincare blends – it has mild anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerating properties, along with a very relaxing and anxiolytic scent. The lavender essential oil itself started the modern aromatherapy revolution when a scientist burned his hand in a laboratory accident and, after cooling the wound in a beaker of lavender, found the wound to heal remarkably quickly. It is also believed to 'synergize' or enhance the effectiveness of other essential oils in combination.