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Money Saving Tips For Your Next Event – Canopy Tents!

Custom print canopy tents are very popular both for events and trade shows. Special print tents are very good branding opportunities but you might spend too much! You can find more about pop up tent for sale via

20x20 Custom Pop Up Tent

Here are some tips for saving money on your next canopy tent order: 

First let's discuss the print process. The tent can be screened or printed digitally. Because digital printing is a process that is more expensive than screen printing, I will keep this subject from this discussion about "saving money". Let's talk screen.

Print the screen actually takes ink and pulls it through the screen with your logo film on it. To print the spot color screen you need to make a new screen for each color. That means if you have a 2 color logo, you will have 2 screens to be made. After the screen is built the cost of running the ink above the small screen compared to the cost of building the screen.

If you have a logo 2 colors and you want to print a large logo and a small version of the same logo, you still need to build a set of other screens for your small version of your logo. Now you see that there are 4 screens to build so the most economical if possible to use the same logo at the same size in many possible locations.