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Line Dancing Songs – Great Ways To Find Them

Are you interested in good music to practice your dancing skills? Maybe you want to close a party or a wedding? Here are my best ideas for finding a great dance song.

Search engine

Start looking and you'll find everything you need to know about rowing, plus resources for new and old dance songs. You can easily find out what other people are dancing and what the current trends are and what music is being used by looking at some blog posts or YouTube videos. You can also visit some sites of the latest dance songs like

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Government bar or club

A good place to start is in a country or dance club where scooters dance to popular country and pop music. Most major cities in the western world usually have country music clubs and possibly bars, there may be several depending on your geographic location.

Linear dance magazine

You can google search for some magazines that are always up to date on everything from fashion to music and the latest movements.

Linear dance class

You can study the steps and see what songs were used and what you can hear in the near future. Your ears will get used to know if the song has the right pace and rhythm for a regular dance.

Country radio

Country radio and the top 40 country charts can be good sources for finding the smallest dance music.


There are online forums you can attend (often cashless) where dancers from around the world come together to share information on new dance songs and the latest dance moves. You can also share your experiences with other members.