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Isuzu Single Cab Ute Review

Isuzu's reputation in the pickup sector has been built on the production of durable, reliable and hardworking trucks. The D-max is a continuation of these strengths. The single cab, like the rest, is powered by Isuzu’s 163hp 2.5 litre common-rail diesel motor. This engine provides powerful power and respectable efficiency. Official combined cycle consumption is 38.2mpg.

The D-max is strong and can tow up three tonnes. The model boasted a generous payload of 1136 kg and is made under the supervision of factory-trained technicians and experienced mechanics. It is a two-seater and has a longer load area. The single cab 4×4 feels fairly stable on B roads, but it is best to steer the vehicle slowly to avoid giving the rear end the jitters. 

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The single cab bounces around even on smooth surfaces without any load to anchor it. There is very little to stop vibrations reaching the occupants. However, the gear shifts are very smooth and have no notch while the clutch is surprisingly quick. The truck's design is simple and straightforward. 

The truck has 16-inch steel wheels, and plastic bumpers and handles as well as fabric seats and a vinyl flooring inside. Although the centrally located plastic dial allows you to switch between two and four-wheel drive, it does not appear sturdy enough to withstand any collisions. The creature comforts of a working vehicle are minimal.

It is a good thing that the vehicle comes with electronic stability control (ESC). However, there is no clock and the radio is not very user-friendly. You can also get an adjustable steering wheel and driver seat with the Eiger double cab. The Dmax has very few driving aids. The Dmax does not include active cruise control or lane change assistance. The fuel consumption is estimated to be about 8L per 100 km.