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How to remove a tree stump by digging it

To remove a tree stump, you first have to dig around the roots. Use a shovel to clean the soil and expose the roots under it. Dig around the circumference of the stump until the thickest roots are visible, and also remove the soil under the root system to expose them as much as possible.

If the roots are very deep and large, it will be difficult to fully expose them and you should consider other techniques to remove the stump from the tree because this method only works if you manage to expose the roots almost completely. If you are looking for tree and stump removal visit

After exposing them, you have to cut the roots. Depending on its size, you can use scissors, an ax, or a saw. Divide them into pieces that can be easily handled and remove them as much as possible from the ground. It is possible to use an ax for this operation, but it is not a recommended option. The ax can break if it hits a stone and also usually ends up squeezing it between the roots.

Use a shovel to remove the remaining fragments that were trapped in the dirt. If necessary, continue cutting the roots as you go, to make it easier to remove. Continue in this manner until all the large roots are removed and then move on to the smaller pieces.

After removing all or most of the roots, it shouldn't be difficult to remove the stump from the soil. You may need to use a shovel to dig under the tree stump and cut off some remaining roots.