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How Much Does It Help to Have a Buyer’s Agent in Real Estate Investing?

A buyer's agent in real estate is a certified negotiator whose job is to represent the best interests of property buyers. In most cases, this agent has a contractual treaty with the buyer that he will be remunerated for his help.

The buyer’s agent will help prospective buyers to look for some list, check out the property to the buyer and generally provide experience on the local environment.

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He is not allowed to give legal advice on the contract but is commonplace for this to happen. His payment for the service will come at the close of the sale between the seller and the buyer.

For investors looking to buy REOs, it is in their best interest to only use a buyer's agent if they intend to pay for it in addition to what the listing agent will receive. In this case, where the buyer's agent is paid separately, it is advisable to use a buyer's agent.

Also, have your buyer’s agent writes your contract bid so that you’re favor as much as possible and not the seller.

In short, a buyer's agent can be beneficial for some people who are looking for a home for life. However, agents can unknowingly become a deal killer for investors making offers on REO properties.