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How Far Infrared Rays Have A Positive Effect On The Human Body?

If you have heard about the system body wrap using a Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology but you are still on the fence about whether or not they actually work and will generate additional revenue for the tanning salon.

We want you to know that FIR has long been recognized as a natural way to promote weight loss and overall health. You can also get more information about far infrared wraps at

How Far Infrared Rays Work

In short, the FIR waves create warmth. Because they are composed of a wavelength in the same range as that occurs naturally in the body, FIR easily absorbed.

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When the body, which is composed mainly of water (80 percent), absorbs infrared light, heats up and this has a positive effect on the muscles, joints and circulatory system.

As the waves resonate through the body, they actually stimulate various functions, including sweat. Not only sweaty action requires energy (burning calories), helping the human body to rid itself of toxins through the sweat glands.

Physical Effects of Far Infrared Rays

FIR waves do not heat the body, from the inside to the outside – the temperature is not unhealthy or unsafe, but to a temperature that allows it to work wonders on the human body.

Our body's response to heat is sweat. The mere act of sweating that the bodywork and our blood circulate more easily. Sweat helps regulate core body temperature because it whisks away impurities are eliminated through the pores of the skin.