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How A Lawyer Can Help With Family Violence

Family violence can be dangerous and deadly. Family violence can lead to serious and severe penalties. A family violence lawyer can help you with your legal problems, whether you are seeking to press charges against the accused or need to defend yourself after being charged. A family violence lawyer from can help with these cases and find resolution with minimal impact on lives and records. So that defendants can continue their lives, criminal attorneys strive for lower sentencing.

Family violence includes assault and battery, stalking, cyberstalking, violation of restraining order, dissuading witnesses, criminal threats, child abuse and neglect, and kidnapping. Although assault may be a misdemeanor it can have an impact on your ability to get public benefits and find a job. Sometimes assault doesn't require physical contact with the victim. It can be an attempt to have physical contact. 

Family Violence Lawyers

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The punishment for assault with a deadly weapon, or any other force that causes serious injury, can vary depending upon the circumstances. It can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the extent of the victim's injuries. A strike or four-year sentence can be given for assault with a deadly instrument and aggravating battery.

Kidnapping refers to the taking away of or transporting anyone against their will. Even if the child doesn't object, a parent can be charged with kidnapping. Kidnapping penalties are imposed if the other parent is charged.

Cyber-stalking is the use of the internet and other electronic methods to harass or stalk people or organizations. This can include making false accusations, monitoring, making threats, and identity theft. It also includes solicitation of minors or gathering information.