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Getting A Partner Visa For Australia

There are several different types of visas for immigration to Australia which fall into the partner category. There is the prospective marriage subclass, the spouse temporary and permanent subclass, and the interdependency subclass.

Generally, family members can also make a combined application in conjunction with this visa. If you want to get more information about the Australian visa, then you can navigate to

When applying for a permanent partner visa if you want to add your family members you need to send a written request to the department of immigration saying that you want to add your family members to the application. Usually, the persons who are deemed to have made a concurrent application are a dependent child of the applicant.

When you are applying for a partner permit, you need to make sure that you meet the necessary health requirements. The entire family must also be considered healthy for the visa application to be approved.

The partner permit also proceeds based on a 'one fails all fail' system. Usually, the health requirements involve tests for checking that a person is not HIV positive and having a chest x-ray to identify applicants with pneumonia or tuberculosis. There will also be blood tests to identify the presence of any common bloodborne diseases.

When you make an application for this visa from Australia, you will usually be granted a bridging permit automatically. If they have a substantive visa at the time of lodging their application, a person applying will usually be given a class A bridging visa.