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Flying Phobia: What Causes Someone To Fear Air Travel

A flying phobia is the fear of air travel, which causes an individual to have a strong apprehension about traveling by air. Fear of flying is not one that most people can overcome or simply brush off, but it's not uncommon for those who do suffer from this condition to be able to avoid the fears that they experience on these flights.

What Causes Fear of Flying?

There is no one answer to this question as different people may have different reasons for fearing air travel. Some people may be afraid of flying because they have a fear of heights or they have had a bad experience with airline travel in the past. Others may be afraid of flying because they think it is dangerous. Whatever the reason, people who are flying phobia must get help and find a way to cope with their fear.

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Evaluating Your Fear of Flying

If you have a fear of flying, it's important to understand why it exists and whether it's manageable. Flying phobias can be caused by many factors, such as traumatic experiences or genetics. However, the most common cause is exposure to aircraft or airplanes in general.

Here are some mindfulness exercises that may help reduce your fear of flying:

1. Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. 

2. Visualize yourself on a beautiful clear day, flying high in the sky above the clouds. Notice how the sun reflects off the wings of your airplane as you fly. 

3. Imagine yourself walking down a long staircase into the air. As you descend, notice how air gradually begins to fill up your lungs again, until you reach the bottom of the stairs and feel completely at ease in the sky again. 

4. Write out a list of all the reasons why you enjoy flying, from the convenience to being able to see faraway places from high up.


Whatever the case may be, it is essential that those affected by flying phobia receive the support they need to overcome their phobia.