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Finding a Reliable Buyer’s Agent

If you're searching for a buyer's agent, be ready to do a lot of interviews. You can find a buyer agent everywhere – in the phone book, online, open houses, at exhibitions home and sometimes in a hobby that you share. Finding a buyer's agent is easy.

Buying Fishtown Philadelphia real estate is probably the most expensive deal you make in your life. You should be comfortable with the agent you select. This requires a face to face interview. You are interviewing agents, but a good agent is also interviewing you.

You need to come to a joint decision to work together. It is not impossible that the agent will refer you to someone who they feel have more expertise than they do, or that you decide that you are not comfortable with the attitude of an agent.

You want to know what experience the dealer has in the local market. How many years have they been in business? How many successful purchases they have assisted with last year? How about their home for sale? Where in your community that they specialize?

Another issue is communication. A good agent will be clear about how and when they will contact you. You want to know how the agent prefers to communicate and when they will get back to you with answers to your questions.