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Drink Driving Facts And Penalties

Once you pass your DSA functional test, you receive a permit to drive on the street. Even if you've passed your test, you always need to be cautious, alert drivers on the road. This is for your protection as well as for other road users' protection.

You must always follow the road controls and regulations. For more information about driving evaluation and rehabilitation you can search the browser.

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Drink driving is one of those serious driving offenses. If you drink and drive, not only are you jeopardizing yourself, you're putting other road users in danger.

250 people died because of drinking driving and 14 percent of road accidents were due to drinking driving in 2010. By drinking and driving on the street, you risk your own life and those of your passengers and others' life.

Alcohol may affect your ability to drive, weight, age, and body metabolism and increase your stress levels. If you're driving after drinking, the alertness and carefulness will be less and you've got trouble judging your speed and be slower to respond to hazards.

If you're planning to drive then alcohol must be avoided. This can help reduce the no. Of individuals who killed or injured each year in road accidents because of drink driving.  So drive and save your and others' life.

The drink driving law is complex and given the seriousness of any possible punishment, specialist assistance from a professional attorney should always be accessed. Many road users are confused by drink-drive limits and alcohol levels