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Closing Your Pool For The Winter

At the end of the swimming season, it is advisable to follow this closing down procedure, to protect your pool and its equipment, and also to make it easier to open in the Spring. It is important to drain water from the pool. 

This allows room for winter rainfall, and also from pipework in case of freezing temperatures. All equipment should be drained of water and if possible stored somewhere dry and warm. If you want to buy winter pool covers online, you can visit

Winterization Procedure:

1. Remove your solar cover to protect from frost and ice. Wash off thoroughly, fold or roll, and store in a clean, dry place. Solar covers are vulnerable to attack from chlorine so a cover should be washed off before storing for the winter. 

2. Use a pool brush to clean all surfaces of the pool and then remove any dirt and debris, such as leaves, by skimming with a net, and then finally vacuum the pool. Dirt left in the water is a common cause of algae growth. To avoid this, make sure it is removed now.

3. Adjust the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 and dose using Chlorine Shock Granules. The effectiveness of chlorine can be vastly reduced if the pH is out of range. 

4. Next make sure to add a correct dose of Wintering Algaecide, to keep the water clear over the Winter. Use either a longer life one or a standard algaecide. 

Check the pool periodically over the winter. Add more winterizing chemicals if necessary, and lower the water level in the event of heavy rainfall.