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Chiropractic Care In Santa Barbara For A Painful Shoulder

Over twenty years of practicing, I have seen thousands upon thousands of patients. Shoulder pain is a top ten reason patients seek chiropractic care. Low back pain and neck pain are definitely the most common reasons.

The most fascinating aspect of treating shoulder problems is the fact that what patients call shoulder pain is actually thoracic pain. Therefore, It would be best to get help from professional chiropractors in Santa Barbara.

The thoracic spinal column is made up of 12 vertebrae. They travel from the neck down to the bottom of your rib cage. The level of the upper thoracic spine lies just above the level of the scapula, which is the most common area for muscle tightness and pain.

When a patient complains of shoulder pain, I ask them to point out the area where it is most intense. The patient will often reach up to their upper thoracic region and reach over the trapezius muscles (the large muscle that runs between the shoulder and the neck).

Once the patient has done that, I focus on the thoracic spine. Then, I continue the evaluation with confidence that the main problem is not in their shoulder. It is important to remember that sometimes more than one problem may be present at once.

If the patient points at their shoulder when I ask them to, I can assume that the problem is within the shoulder.

Next, a thorough consultation is required. The cause of shoulder pain can often be determined quickly. For example, it could be a football injury or an accident. Sometimes, however, it is not clear what caused the pain. Sometimes, the patient wakes up with a sore shoulder.