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Borderline Personality Disorder – What Treatments Can One Get

People with Borderline personality disorder have three options for treatment: therapeutic communities, talking therapies, and other alternatives.

Talking therapies

Psychotherapy and talking therapies can also include the prescription of drugs. These talks are meant to uncover the root causes of the patient's feelings and behaviors. The borderline personality disorder specialists build a relationship and help the patient.

This is a way to connect with your past and current relationships. This is a way to break the unhealthy patterns in your relationships by being able to explore this relationship.

Psychotherapy is not the only type of counseling. For example, psychodynamic counseling can be considered to be a form of counseling. This counseling emphasizes childhood experiences, which may also be a cause of the disorder.

Cognitive behavior therapy, on the other side, is a short-term treatment that focuses more on everyday problems and practicalities.

Therapeutic communities

Inpatient communities are available that specialize in the treatment of personality disorders. Residents and staff share responsibility for making decisions and tasks in this kind of therapeutic community. Being open to talking about the lives of others in a therapeutic community is a key part of deciding to enter it. This can be particularly difficult, especially for the first treatment.

Being part of the community means you are more aware of your feelings and those of others. It's possible to see the world from another person's perspective and to learn what you want to do differently about yourself. This can lead to individual therapy and, hopefully, medication.

Other therapies

There are many new therapies that can be used to treat borderline personality disorder. These therapies include yoga and acupuncture.