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BMW Certified Used Cars – Extra Security, Extra Pleasure

A stylish car can be a big investment. However, buying a used car can be a risky investment. When buying a used vehicle, the most important thing to consider is its maintenance history. 

You will regret it forever if you are negligent in dealing with these cases. A used car is usually referred to as a "pre-owned" car. You can also look for ‘BMW second-hand cars via’ (also known as ‘BMW tweedehands auto’s via’ in the Dutch language).

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CPO programs were introduced in 1990 by luxury marques Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. The difference between Certified Pre-Owned or Pre-Owned is that Certified pre-owned cars are subject to rigorous inspection and maintenance before being delivered to customers.

Additional Protection with BMW Used Cars:

BMW's Certified Pre-Owned Programs can ensure that your pre-owned car is in the same condition as a brand new one. The Certified Programs ensure that your used car meets all requirements for reselling. 

To understand the importance and value of Certified Programs, everyone should read their guidelines.

* Vehicle History & Maintenance

This test reveals the entire vehicle's history, as well as anybody repairs and performance modifications.

* Mechanical Tests

This test covers every aspect of the car's maintenance. This covers head and fog lights as well as suspension components, battery, exhaust, door handles, locks, and any other spares that may be required during maintenance.

* Body Condition Fit and Finish

Here are the details of the damage to the car caused by an accident and the repairs that were made to fix it. These include bumpers, core support, windows, mirrors, and fenders.

The Certified Programs will truly value your investment.