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Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Psychology is often considered to be a tough subject or some people regard it as a subject for nerds only. In fact, well-renowned psychiatrists believe that there’s no doubt that psychology is a tough subject, but we get to learn human behavior and it’s not just for nerds. Anyone who can spot a change in a person’s behavior is qualified enough to give this degree a try.

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It involves all the aspects of the human experience. Psychologists study two types of relationships – first is the relationship between brain and human behavior and second is between environment and human behavior. We are here today to discuss the various jobs a student can apply and acquire after attaining Jobs bachelor’s degree in psychology. They are as follows:

The jobs with a bachelor’s degree in psychology you can get are a career or vocational counselor. Since we can see that their many new degrees are being introduced in colleges, there is also a change seen in the job market. As a career counselor, your job is to analyze the client’s life, basically everything like his job history, education, personal interests and skills. They also help in training individuals for interviews and how to make a satisfactory resume. They can also serve to reduce the stress involved after a client loses a job.

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School Psychologist: We’ve seen in the papers that teenagers carrying guns to college and we read about teenagers being blamed for carrying out these crimes, and many other things like rape, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, smoking, etc. As a school psychologist, it will be your job to train children from the start itself to deal with such problems and how to decide what is right for them. According to the records, the number of school psychologists needed is far more then what our country has to offer, this basically means it’s a booming trend to become one.

Counselor: This is by-far the toughest job that there is in psychology. There are more jobs like genetic counselors, which are far more complicated than this but over here you need to have convincing power. You need to feel the patient’s pain and understand their problems from their point of view and you need to be true to them. Being a counselor, you would generally deal with individuals having family issues, divorce, break-ups, job loss, drop outs and addiction problems. There are counselors who are hired by the government hospitals, by the private hospitals and then there are those who prefer to open a private office.

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Sports Psychologist: This can be one of the fittest jobs that there is in psychology. In order to make your players understand its importance, you have to be fit and in shape which will, in turn, prove beneficial for your team. As a sports psychologist, you have to concentrate on the psychological aspects of sports and athletics, as to what hinders an athlete to be at the top, motivate players to achieve their goals and to improve their performance and to advise them to make the right choices. Therefore, these are the jobs that a bachelor’s degree in psychology can get you to begin with.