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All You Need to Know About Heat Treated Export Pallets

Heat-treated pallets represent the number one requirement when it comes to exporting of wooden packages to other countries. This is one of the important stipulations as established by the International Plant Protection

Only when the ISPM 15 standards are adhered to, do the packages obtain the compliance approval stamp necessary for export. 

You can also opt for export pallets at for packaging requirements.

Rectangular 2 And 4 Way Export Wooden Pallets, Capacity: 1 To 2 ...

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Therefore, manufacturers and industries seek the services of an expert export packaging company that possesses strong knowledge of export packing requirements that are often dynamic. Packaging management is a science that can be efficiently handled with expert knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to deliver.

Contract Packing- What difference can it make?

Sometimes, tight deadlines or lack of staff resources and/or time may create numerous problems for a manufacturer or organization. The need to ensure that shipping standards are perfectly catered to and deadlines are neatly met; organizations find it convenient to outsource work to an industrial packer.

The packer, in turn, has experienced in-house teams that have complete knowledge of export standards and efficient packaging process to complete the task well in advance. These professionals are well equipped to design and create customized wooden crates and pallets as per the situation.

Their presence at the client site renders a lot of flexibility and saves time, money, and resources for the client. Therefore, contract packing has emerged as a need for organizations post setting up of ISPM 15 standards for export.