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Advantages of Precast Wall

Precast wall panels are segments or a part of the wall which are premade with specifications so that they can be transported to the construction site. These panels are positioned to form the necessary structure. 

Nowadays a lot of builders, cabin suppliers use precast walls (Also known as “ ผนังสำเร็จรูป “ in the Thai Language) to build the structure. Here are some advantages of these panels:

Reduced Construction Time: By using the precast wall panel, the site construction time is reduced to a minimum. So the number of hours workers spend on the site positioning the panels, c purlins and other components to form a structure is much smaller than the time that would be taken to build it from scratch.

Energy Efficient: Most of the materials used in precasting are more energy-efficient. Besides the thermal efficiency of the wall can be adjusted at the stage of precast. Also due to the high thermal mass, precast panel stores absorb temperature more efficiently.

Reduced Wastage: The efficient and / or optimum utilisation of material necessarily imply reduced waste. By using a precast panel there are minimal debris, site disturbance and minimum wastage of materials. 

So if someone builds a portacabin office or other structure, the use of a precast panel is the best way to go.