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A Christian Spiritual Retreat – Viewing Day Of Silence

Few people ever discover the hidden treasures of observing a special kind of Christian spiritual retreat called a silent retreat. Some have no other way to describe it: meditation, inner listening, hearing God's voice.

Whatever you prefer to call it, the silence gives breath to the soul. For Christians, this type of retreat can be truly spiritual. Traditional retreat format includes games, activities, and lectures, which unfortunately can take the place of actual communication with God. You may click here to know more about Christian Retreat Center.

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We are inundated with noise everywhere we go. The explosion of the car radio when you turned the key on. Stores play Aerosmith on "muzak!" And you can learn how to speak Italian when visiting the toilets at your favorite restaurant because they play language tapes over the speaker system!

As a Christian, I know how good it is to connect in spirit with God. So I took the Christian spiritual retreat one-time a year, at a minimum. The plan is very easy. Find the quietest, calm place you can.

A retreat center often has one room available for the types of guests. Perhaps you prefer to stay in a local hotel for the day. Ask a good friend who will be traveling if you can use their home for the day while they are away. This spiritual retreat for every Christian does not have to cost a dime. Just be sure to find a comfortable place with no phones, no TV, and no radio.