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A Brief About Augmented reality Technology

Augmented Reality enhances reality by overlaying computer-generated images on live views of real-world environments. This superimposes real-world images over the user's actual view, enhancing their perception of reality. 

There are many types of AR apps development techniques that an AR developer uses by which  AR users can experience both the real and virtual worlds .AR allows them to access a new natural world that overlays virtual information. This virtual world is used to assist with daily activities.

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All this is possible with the help of an iPhone or Android augmented reality app. Future technology advancements will also allow for additional human senses such as touch, smell, and feel. Innovations offer new opportunities in a wide range of markets and spheres such as banking, real estate, healthcare and manufacturing.

Augmented Reality (AR), which is closer to the real-world, sits on the spectrum between Virtual Reality (VR), which creates immersive, computer-generated environments. Augmented Reality brings the natural world closer to its original state by adding graphics, sounds and haptic feedback. 

AR is rapidly gaining popularity, from social media filters to surgical procedures. Augmented Reality brings elements of virtual reality into the real world, enhancing what we see, hear and feel. Online shoppers usually purchase their products by reading reviews, looking at flat pictures or watching videos.If Augmented Reality (AR) andVirtual Reality (VR) technology can be successfully used, they will get a feel for the item or place before they commit.